Artist Practitioners are agents of imagination, creativity and change

Artist Practitioners are risk takers and survivors.

Artist Practitioners do not prioritise economics.

Culture is the joining of stories. Everyone has a story. Everyone has culture.

We need a new model for Arts Funding.

Bureaucratic institutions are incapable of systemic innovation.

Bureaucratic Institutions are inefficient.

Bureaucratic Institutions cannot support or empower communities.


We seek to change the situation where up to 90% of Art Project budgets are spent on bureaucratic costs.

We seek to enable Artist Practitioners to be catalysts for their communities’ cultural development.


Artist Practitioners receive secure 12 month contracts.

Artist Practitioners work within their own communities to nurture lasting cultural development.

Artist Practitioners coordinate and administrate their own practice (additional co-ordination and administration hired in on short term contracts as required).

Field will support Artist Practitioners with training and ongoing support.

Field will offer apprenticeships and mentoring to people wanting to become Community Artists.


Martin Daws and Stephen Pritchard.

Martin first suggested paying artists to work with their communities back in 2015 while waiting in a coffee queue at a conference. Martin and Stephen chatted about this in 2016 and did some quick sums. Martin wrote about his idea of giving artists a wage and letting us spread the love in 2017. Stephen wrote about paying artists to work in every community earlier this year.

We have received a lot of interest in our ideas recently and have set up Field Community Art so we can begin making the sort of grassroots changes and challenges the art world and, most importantly, artists and communities need right now.

Field Community Art is a Community Interest Company with offices, at present, in Wales and England.

Get in touch to find out more and be kept updated as we begin our journey.